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We fell in love with Jan's scarves when we first saw them at the American Craft Council show in Atlanta. The quality, craftsmanship, artistry that goes into each one is amazing. We keep a good supply in our gallery, and they fly out the door. Most people end up buying several, some to keep and other to give as gifts.

Reviewer: Peter Embarrato
Topaz Gallery
Atlanta, Georgia


To Jan Mayer:

We can't thank you enough for the beautiful scarves you re-created for us! They arrived in time for our big choir performance we had earlierthis evening. Everyone admired them, especially when I explained what you had to do in order to make them. They couldn't get over how you matched them with our previous ones, even after having discontinued them. You really went above and beyond! We will be using them for years to come,enjoying the artistry and appreciating the effort that went into them.

I wish you continued joy and success in your work.

Reviewer: All best wishes and many thanks,
Doris Kraemer
Cantor Mikhail Manevicha


I wore my swirl scarf yesterday and I had so many compliments and will wear again when I need another uplifting experience. LOL

I purchased mine after the Winter Park, Florida Art Show many years ago, actually saw them there and didn't purchase and called and purchased after the show.

It is such a beautiful accessory.

Reviewer: Carol Kohlscheen

Many years ago, my favorite purchase at a craft show was a Kriska scarf with matching earrings. The painting on silk was gorgeous. The colors so vibrant and beautiful. This set is my most favorite accessory. I receive countless compliments when I wear them. Recently I checked out the Kriska website to find a beautiful pair of pink fan silk earrings which remained in stock. Thank you, Jan, for producing these fabulous scarves.

Reviewer: Sandra (CT)

The scarves are beautiful - and really useful.

Reviewer: Sally (N. Wisconsin) I had bought one of your scarves and could not remember where I bought it. But it felt like most of the time I got "dressed up" last winter I wore it. Could it have been in Montreal? Then, strangely enough, several weeks ago I went to a wedding on Madeleine Island (Lake Superior) and my scarf blew off and into the (we call it in N. Wisconsin) "Big Lake." I could not remember where I had bought it or how to replace it, and since it was my favorite scarf, I was crushed and just decided that in the wider scope of things it was not important (but it was).

Quite coincidentally recently I was cleaning up my "Favorites" on the internet and came across a site called Kriska. I clicked on it out of curiosity and there --- believe it or not ---- were the scarves. I was thrilled and disciplined myself to only order the one I had sacrificed to Lake Superior.

The scarves are beautiful - and really useful. Thanks for making them.


The scarf still makes me smile!

Reviewer: Cecilia (NYC) Good Morning from NYC.... I wore your scarf the other day and just wanted to tell how how much I have enjoyed wearing it through the years. A long time ago I made the purchase at a Craft Fair and never regretted that day. Do you remember creating an oblong scarf with vibrant colored leaves at the ends? The background I chose was a muted pink/salmon but I also fell in love with the champagne background as well. It was a big decision back then and I could only purchase one. The scarf still makes me smile and brightens my outfit and day.
Thanks for sharing your artistic talents.


Fabulous experience!

Reviewer: mooncat (northern virginia) The seller was extremely quick to reply to my request for a gift card to be included with the order. They followed up immediately and the scarf arrived within days of the order. The scarf is lovely and I'm extremely pleased with the entire shopping experience. I heartily recommend this seller

The best of its kind!

Reviewer: David J. Rothman (California) I have admired Jan Mayer's Kriska line for years, and I own several of the ties he used to make. My wife also owns several of the scarves. Mayer is a true craftsman, deeply committed to quality and excellence in everything he does -- materials, color, and design. When you buy one of his products, you know that you are going to get something rich and unique -- unreproducible, in fact, given the painstaking and innovative process of creation that he uses. His work has deservedly won awards all over the country (maybe even the world). In fact, when you look at the scarves up close, they are so interesting and rich I can imagine seeing them framed on a wall some day -- although they probably do even better as living art. I think Mayer's single-minded emphasis on beautiful, individual works is eventually going to pay large dividends. This is because, despite mass marketing even in high-end clothing, people are irresistibly drawn to more personal, expressive work. Good stuff -- and, if you are a man reading this, believe me, the woman for whom you buy it will be happy...

Wearable art!

Reviewer: Kriska lover, "Bev" (Cape Cod) I purchased 3 Kriska scarves 20 years ago, and they look as beautiful today as they did the day I bought them! I wear them all the time, in all different ways, and constantly get compliments on what a beautiful scarf I have! Thank you Kriska, for making my wardrobe so vibrant!!!


High Quality Handpainted Silk!

Reviewer: Sam R. Hansen (Bellevue, WA USA) I have purchased several of these Silk Scarf's at the Bellevue Arts & Crafts Fair near Seattle Washington. The quality and design of the products are exquisite. Their were several other vendors that sold the same products, but Kriska outshined them all. Materials are second to none. The display and presentation of the products were by far the best. I would encourage anyone who is interested high quality Handpainted silks to consider Kriska.


The perfect accessory!

Reviewer: Linda Housand (Carlsbad, CA) Kriska scarves are the perfect accessories! The colors are varied and vibrant and blend with a multitude of garments. Because they are made of silk crepe de chine, they are full-bodied and fall beautifully, conforming to any curvature or angle. I consider each Kriska scarf that I wear to be the focal point of my ensemble and coordinate every piece of clothing around it. Every time I wear one of them, I get so many compliments about its uniqueness and beauty. To me the best part about the scarves is that they are personally designed and Handpainted and each is a work of art unto itself-a superb example of its creator's talent!


Even more stunning than the picture!

Reviewer: B. Plotkin (Denver, CO) I had the good fortune to purchase a Kriska scarf some years ago at an art show, so I was thrilled to see them available again at The elegant quality of the silk is obvious at first touch. The colors are stunning in their vibrancy, the workmanship impeccable in every hand-worked detail. These pieces are worthy of art museum status, but inexplicably priced as bargains. I will be stocking up this time, before they disappear again!


Kriska silk scarves, excellent quality!

Reviewer: Kedmun Sitterley (Charlotte, NC) I have purchased several of these wonderful classy scarves. They are of excellent quality, genuine silk, and are great accessories for the right outfit. They are definitely good for the more formal look.


Beautiful, hand made silk scarf in vibrant colors!

Reviewer: scarf wearer (Los Altos CA) I have worn several of the Kriska hand made silk scarves for many years (my first scarf goes back to over 10 years ago). Each scarf is unique, and goes well with both dress and casual wear. The colors have remained vibrant,and the high quality of the silk is such that they look brand new, even after many years of enjoyment. I wear these scarves year round and find they also travel well. I can highly recommend the Kriska range for anyone who appreciates beautiful and unique silk scarves.


Most versatile scarf you will ever own!

Reviewer: New Orleans Lady (New Orleans, LA) I bought my first Kriska swirl scarf last summer and I get so many compliments on it. People talk about the richness of the color and the unusual shape. It truly does what the ad says- adds panache to any outfit. And with an all thumbs person like I am, it is great not to have fo fuss with special ways to tie it. It looks good no matter how you wear it from just tossed on casually or tied in a loose knot. It drapes into beautiful folds that make ME look talented. I love it!


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